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Покровский собор (Храм Василия Блаженного) на Красной площади (английский язык)

2 790 ₽
25 х 34 см
Выходные данные
ISBN 978-5-89164-232-4
The book contains Cathedral history starting from the beginning of construction and dedication program to the present housing of both the church and the museums. Special attention is paid to such important events in Russian history as conquest of Kazan in 1552, liberation of Moscow from Polish and Lithuanian intervention in 1612 coronation of Russian tsars and emperors, wars in 1812 and revolution in 1917. The intercession Cathedral church life and its role in the church life of Moscow 16th beginning of 20th century have also been presented in the great detail which was due to both     the Cathedral location near the Moscow Kremlin and the popular admiration of the blessed fools Basil and John buried near the Cathedral.
The album section which includes modern images of the Cathedral interior and exterior provides from the first time such an exhaustive and bright picture of this world renowned monument of Russian architecture.      
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