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Подарочный альбом «Intercession Cathedral (St. Basil the Blessed Cathedral) on the Red Square»

26,5 х 35,8 см
Выходные данные
ISBN 978-5-89164-232-4
The album section which includes modern images of the Cathedral interior and exterior provides from the first time such an exhaustive and bright picture of this world renowned monument of Russian architecture. The reader will see full-scale images, of the cathedral all its side-churches from inside and outside, galleries and porches, icons a frescoes. The reader will see the Cathedral as a very few people could: with all structural details of domes, wall decorations, hidden from the common visitor, interior church paintings usually lost in the height.
Those interested in the Russian history are guaranteed the exciting journey through the monument which, although seen by everybody, remains virtually unknown.
Looking carefully through album the reader may appreciate the beauty which has inspired people for over four hundred years.
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