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Catalogue "Shchukin. Biography of a Collection."

Book art historian Natalia Semenova timed to the exhibition "Shchukin. Biography of the collection" and is its official catalog. Sergei Shchukin is considered one of the greatest collectors and patrons of art of the XX century. The future collector followed in his father's footsteps and headed the company founded by him "K. V. Shchukin and sons". Ivan Shchukin was one of the "most brilliant commercial and industrial figures of post-reform Russia". However, Sergei Ivanovich stepped on the merchant ladder above, received in 1894 from the Minister of Finance "for useful activities in the field of domestic trade and industry" the title of Commerce adviser. So "friend of the foreman of the Moscow merchants Sergei Shchukin," were among the magnates of the commercial and financial world of Moscow.
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